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The Years Thunder By (signed)

The Years Thunder By (signed)

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    An exhilarating story of one man's solo sailing adventure from England to Australia by small boat, Nick Jaffe’s very personal account of his journey is by turns thrilling, melancholic, funny, and philosophical. The book invites readers to contemplate the questions a vast ocean might pose to us - not merely what it might mean to exist, but what we might risk by not risking everything.

    From England across the North sea to Holland and south along the west coast of Europe - the Canary Islands to the Caribbean and north to New York, across the continent to San Francisco and beyond to Hawaii, Palmyra Atoll and the South Pacific, Nick Jaffe takes us on a voyage spanning four years aboard his 26ft boat named Constellation.

    Printed Melbourne, Australia, with a matte cover finish and creme pages.


    Part existential meditation, part travel journal - the book was an insight into the mind of a restless and curious soul. Following Nick’s journey around the world was addictive and thought provoking. Any essence of curiosity for the unknown you possess will be ignited by Nick’s musings and descriptions. Relatable, inspiring and compelling.

    For me, ‘The Years Thunder By’ now occupies a space in the unique band of books which evoke such a desire to re-calibrate and explore, alongside the likes of ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘Barbarian Days’.

    More books please, Nick.
    — Alexander Campbell-Brown (Amazon UK)
    I found myself completely engrossed in this wonderful book… quite literally; there are no “slow” parts. Part travelogue and part personal philosophy, the result is a page turning account of one man’s adventure through dangers… some very real, some in the mind and a coming to grips with his life’s past and present relationships.
    Nick Jaffe is quite the writer and I hope this is not his last book.
    — Vince P (Amazon USA)
    An inspirational story!! Nick Jaffe expertly conveys the full array of emotions that are experienced on a solo voyage. A sense of truth shines through Jaffe’s writing that will make this book relatable to just about anyone who picks it up. If you need a dose of inspiration, an escape into the wild or just a great adventure story this book is for you!
    — Alex (Amazon USA)
    If you thirst for real adventure this book is for you. In a way Nick seams to be a modern day Thoreau, except a house in the woods is traded for an old sailboat. Uniquely written grasping signs and ideas that manifest into reality from nature, social environments, and complete isolation. Honestly one of a few books I couldn’t put down. Would recommend to anyone!
    — Dan (Amazon USA)
    Not only is the author’s accomplishment an amazing feat, he touches base on many of life’s important lessons. This was one of the few books I had difficulty putting down. I’ve now passed it on to my 16 year old son. It’s sure to open his eyes and mind.
    — Jason (Amazon USA)
    The Years Thunder By is, by any account, a solipsistic travelogue in the truest sense. Solipsism is often popularly tinged with a negative connotation, but in this voyage we find a heady contribution to the cannon of sailor-philosophers, like Bernard Moitessier and Sterling Hayden. The prose is simple and approachable — like a hank-on sail, the mechanics accessable and seemingly always in progress to some yet-to-be discovered end, while the story we find on parallel with the sea...ever changing, and always challenging (whether squall or doldrums); ironically the book’s most significant tempests rage when the sea is quietest.
    — Melissa (Amazon USA)
    Making a road trip in his mind while crossing 28,000
    Miles of reality. The counterpoint to every situation the author found himself in. The sea is always going to draw men who have to find a reason for testing fate!
    — Lee (Amazon USA)
    A compelling read that, quite honestly, I couldn’t put down. A tale of when things go right and wrong and the journey of it all. Nick is an intelligent, thoughtful, philosophical, and reflective writer who brings you in, tells you the right kind of details, and gives you everything you’re looking for. It’s a wild ride and I only wish I’d had the chance to sail along with! Already looking forward to his next tale...
    — Lindsey (Amazon USA)
    Riveting story, gorgeously told. Makes me not only want to buy a boat and sail away, but makes me long for a world with more people as special as Nick Jaffe. As sensitive, thoughtful, wise an author as you’ll find. Can’t wait to see what he writes next!
    — Emily (Amazon USA)
    This book is an honest, witty, engaging tale of adventure. An exciting story that’s just as much about the journey itself as it is the human psych when tackling big dreams. A genuine insight into adventures and adventurers with some killer, insightful one liners that had me laughing out loud. Simultaneously inspiring and relatable; a tricky balance that Nick has nailed.
    — Rachel (Amazon AU)
    The perfect balance of adventure and introspection with a good dash of humour. I can’t wait to read about the next trip!
    — Alice (Amazon AU)
    Nick takes us on a journey across two oceans and the human existence in his small sailboat — mostly rough with an endless search for harmony. If you are seeking an adventure of your own, read this book.
    — Sarah (Amazon AU)
    A truly engaging account of heroism, adventure and a journey to a place within. Where passion and intention meet action, across an ocean. Incredible read.
    — Sophia (Amazon AU)
    A great read that I knocked over in a day while self isolating. Stoked the fire of my own sailing ambitions. Highly recommended!
    — Will (Amazon AU)
    An honest and inspiring account of a man’s search for self and adventure. The writing is intelligent and thoughtful, entertaining and philosophical. Viva Constellation! Best of luck for your land based journey Nick.
    — Graeme (Amazon UK)
    After following Nicks adventure on his blog, I was both excited and a bit skeptical when i found out he was writing a book. Worried it would be a long winded detail log of how he made his adventure happen. I was totally surprised to find the book to be so much more. It is a thoughtful dive into the challenges of what it means to be alive, to take risks, to dare to try something, to struggle and to continue. All the while moving forward on very challenging adventure. The book is a must read and I had it finished in days, wishing it would continue.
    — Ben (Amazon DE)
    I found myself completely engrossed in this wonderful book… quite literally; there are no “slow” parts. Part travelogue and part personal philosophy, the result is a page turning account of one man’s adventure through dangers… some very real, some in the mind and a coming to grips with his life’s past and present relationships.
    Nick Jaffe is quite the writer and I hope this is not his last book.
    — Vince P (Amazon USA)
    A book you cannot put down. Nick tells his story of adventure from the heart, from the practicalities, the drive and motivation to the philosophical. Anyone considering such a challenge should read this and be encouraged just to get on with it and start the journey. I like his comment (which comes up several times) that you can stay forever in port making plans, and more plans, and more plans but one day you’ve got to weigh the anchor, take that first step and get out there. You can only plan for so much in life and the rest you have to deal with as it arises. The same is true with any journey in life, whether it’s an ocean voyage like Nick’s or something else. Nick’s account of the people he meets and the places he visits is great. He is amazed at how helpful and generous other people are and help him along the way and you can hear the words of gratitude woven all the way through. A thoroughly good read and a book I will return to again and again.
    — Ailsa M Lewis (Amazon UK)
    This book takes you on an adventure! I loved it! So well written. During a pandemic where my travel is limited (which is a bummer because it’s one of my favourite things) this book was a welcomed treat! Made me excited for when I get to sail the high seas again! Buy it! You won’t be disappointed.
    — Lisa (Amazon CA)
    I loved this! Nick seemed to live life day by day and by the simplest of means. Proof you don’t need wealth to live life to the fullest. His sense of adventure is infectious. Hanging out for his next read, Cape to Kapp!!
    — Glen Clarke (Goodreads)
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