Materials & Manufacturing


We use the very best materials & notions available, sourced wherever possible from countries and manufacturers who support high environmental standards and fair wages. This often leads us to sourcing from the USA, Japan, Europe & South Korea. 

Zero Waste

Within every design, we work hard to create minimal to zero waste. This often means designing products around existing dimensions, working in with the materials rather than against them.


We only use YKK zippers, usually in #5, #3 and #10 sizes, as coil slider & Uretek coil for water resistant options.


We have recently migrated to Coats Dabond polyester threads because of Coats' commitment to environmental sustainability. These threads offer strength, UV stabilisation and ease of use.


We only use Kangaroo leather, sourced from sustainable sources by one of Australia's oldest leather companies, founded in 1891. Kangaroo leather is without doubt, the strongest & lightest 'weight for weight' natural leather available. Our leathers are veg tanned (using vegetable based dies).


We use 550 Paracord, made in the U.S.A.


We use a range of fabrics which are constantly changing. We primarily use canvas in varying forms:

  • Loomstate canvas: Heavyweight 100% cotton canvas, milled in Melbourne, Australia
  • Outdoor Canvas by WTC: High performance, military grade 10oz Dynoaproofed™ canvas, milled in Sydney, Australia. 
  • Oilskin: Traditionally made from paraffin & wax soaked cotton sails, modern oilskin is a cotton canvas fabric soaked in a secret mix of ingredients in Sydney, Australia, from the last manufacturer of oilskin in Australia.


We manufacture all of our products within Australia. In some cases we utilise other small manufacturers and makers around Australia to help on projects, however primarily everything is made within our fully equipped studio.

With a suite of industrial sewing machines, we're able to bind, bartack, straight-stitch, leather-stitch, bulk-cut, hot-stamp and click-press.