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Autumn sailing sabatical

From April 10th to May 15th, 2024, nothing will be made and nothing will ship. If you place an order inside these dates, your order will go into the build queue and will be worked on after May 15th and shipped out as fast as humanly possible. Ready to ship orders made during this period will likely ship around the 15/16th of May.


Last sabbatical I spent a summer in France with my family. This sabbatical is a bit early, falling into autumn - I'll be spending this time off voyaging double handed across the Great Australian Bight, from Fremantle to Hobart.

Since founding Kohutt in 2015, I have been on many sabbaticals. Whether for special projects, to sail across an ocean, write a book, to drive through Africa or to build a house for my family. Instead of trying to automate everything or hire in help during these periods away, the simplest approach is to just, well, close up shop. And by this, I mean really close up shop: No emails, no posting, no making, no shipping.

This seems a bit counter-intuitive for a small business in an always-on world, however an always-on world is not actually a good world. Yes, some things need to always be on, and for those industries I am eternally grateful.

But Kohutt is not one of those industries.

I started Kohutt as a creative outlet to share my work, connect with my hands & craft, interact with the outdoors, create products people love, and promote freedom for myself and others. In order to do this, I also need to not work - to think, to dream, to be with family, sail, and with any luck, do nothing but stare at the sky.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Kohutt since 2015 - I very much look forward to working on your orders upon my return!


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